Positioning • Story Telling • Tagline • Strategy

Create A Brand Name That Draws Customers to You

Build a brand-emotional bonding with your customers

Establish a sustainable business model

The art of marketing is the art of branding
What leaders need to know about marketing & branding

A product without branding is just a produce with price tag, doesn’t stand out and not appealing to customers.

A product needs branding to stand out and be unique and irreplaceable in the market.

To build a successful corporation, branding must have the following:

01.Become the first preference among others

02.Build up trust and reliability

03.Build up consumer group who are driven to your brand

04.Establish a highly effective brand and become the leader in the industry

05.Establish an admirable international reputation

06.Establish high perceived value

07.Build up market visibility and increase market price

08.Win customers from different status groups and generations

09.Secure the targeted customer for steady revenue growth

10.Create trend and stay connected with the social trend

Only when a corporate is armed with the designated branding, progresses with brand strategy and value, then only it is on its way to the iron throne!

Building a brand name is the single most crucial task under the sun; a corporation needs to consistently work on brand shaping to strive on winning customers’ validation – Steve Henry, Founder of HHCL Advertising Agency

Branding Is The Trump Card For Every Corporation

  • Infuse your brand with charm!
  • Be flexible in marketing strategy!
  • Elevate your branding trump card to a greater height!

Course Content

  • The 3 Do’s & Don’s in Facebook management
  • Blueprint of Brand Shaping
  • Brand Positioning
  • Branding Story & Packaging
  • Designing Tag Line
  • Operation for Branding Lifecycle
  • Branding Marketing Strategy


Targeted participants

  • Branding Manager, Marketing Planner, Copywriter, Editor, Designer, Media & Publicity Personnel, Customer Service Personnel, Head of Department, Project Manager, Retailer & Business Owner.
The Copywriting Maste
  • A renowned Taiwanese copywriter who has won more than 10 China Times Asia-Pacific Advertising Awards and 4A Advertising Awards. In 2013, he won Taiwan Top 10 Short Film Award and Taiwan Short Film Festival Award with two of his works. Besides, Master Tang is also one of the best-sellers author who has been listed No.1 in book.com.tw portal with his book Facebook Copywriting (literal translation).
  • With 30 years of experience in copywriting and products branding for more than hundreds of clients, he has crystallized his experience into a comprehensive teaching regiment that is systematic, methodological, case-based, practical and realistic to make his training easy to comprehend, even for first-time learners. Coupled with his humorous  charisma during the training session, laughter is a sure scene with his sessions. His trainings seminars and lectures are very well received not just by participants, but also by various education institutions, enterprises, professional training agencies, and government institutions that keep coming back to his training sessions. In Taiwan, his scheduled seminars and lectures go beyond 300 days per year and his followers are high achievers in various fields. In his past 7 years of training, he has gained more than 7,000 participants.
  • Copywriting
  • Brand building strategy
  • Product planning and marketing
  • Creativity brainstorming and expressing
  • Storyline design and packaging
  • Constructing and presenting PPT
  • Viral marketing and setting
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