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The sure-win ways of Facebook copywriting techniques

Have you been troubled with your Facebook account?

Boring updates?

No likes for postings?

Not popular?

Would you want to be upgraded for 3 folds the popularity?

Popular, more likes, more interaction!

To attract “Likes” in Facebook needs good copywriting!

Do you prefer talents or properity? Amazing Facebook shall guide you accordingly!

What do netizens pressed “Likes” for?

Passion for copywriting & community copywriting guide!

Let the words speak and make popular; let the fans love & support you!

Hail to the necessity of the cyber trading era!


  • The 3 Dos & Don’ts for Facebook copywriting
  • Facebook fans page managing
  • Facebook personal and fans page text pre-determination
  • The motive behind reading Facebook posts
  • 20 popular copywriting methods of all times
  • Let the images or photos speak


The Copywriting Master – James Tang

  • A renowned Taiwanese copywriter who has won more than 10 4A-Advertising Wards and Short Film Award.
  • Two of his words were awarded in the 7th & 10th Taiwan Short Film Festival.
  • Two of his micro movies were awarded 2013 Top Ten Best Micro Movies in Taiwan & The First Taiwan Microfilm Festival Social Group.
  • He won one of the best-sellers author for his book Facebook Copywriting (literal translation).
  • With 30 years of experience in copywriting and products branding for more than hundreds of clients, he has crystallized his experience into a comprehensive teaching regiment that is systematic, methodological, case-based, practical and realistic to make his training easy to comprehend, even for first-time learners.
  • Coupled with his humorous charisma during the training session, laughter is a sure scene with his sessions. His trainings seminars and lectures are very well received not just by participants, but also by various education institutions, enterprises, professional training agencies, and government institutions that keep coming back to his training sessions. In Taiwan, his scheduled seminars and lectures go beyond 300 days per year and his followers are high achievers in various fields. In his past 7 years of training, he has gained more than 7,000 participants.



  • Copywrting
  • Brand building strategy
  • Product planning and marketing
  • Creativity brainstorming and expressing
  • Storyline design and packaging
  • Constructing and presenting PPT
  • Viral marketing and setting

Target Audience:
Branding manager, store owner, editor, marketing planner, advertising copywriting, publishing editor, art designer, mass media, customer service, people interested in media copy writing.

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