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Business Image in the branding era

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The secrete to creating the million dollar personal image

4 areas of knowledge brought to you by 2 masters, in 1 session

  • Perfect combination of ‘aesthetics code’ + ‘overall grooming’ + ‘apparel & accessories matching’ + ‘business etiquette’
  • Brought to you by 2 international aesthetics image consultants
  • To generously groom extraordinary persona & impeccable reputation

UCLA psychology scholar Albert Mebratian revealed that

  • A person’s caliber takes up only 7% of the impression and outward appearance comprises of the remaining 93%!
  • In other words, without the 93% merit from your outlook, others can only experience 7% of your capability. Therefore you will lose 93% of your competitiveness!
  • Do you have a system to discern your personal image, to strengthen your advantages and make up for the disadvantages?
  • Do you have a system to develop your image form inside out, uniquely designed and completely personalize for you?
  • Do you know how to take full advantage of the aesthetics principles, exhibiting your beauty to others and bringing the best of you to the limelight?


The golden 3 seconds bring your charm & elegance to the limelight

  • “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the person” — Coco Chanel, the founder of Chanel
  • “7 seconds is all it takes for others to form their first impression on you.” – Roger Ailes, American Consultant & Strategist


The complete guide to elegance: 40 years of aesthetics experience leaving no stone unturned

  • Image is generally perceived as dressed up decently but that alone doesn’t exhibit your unique personal style. Combining the aesthetics taste, persona, mix & match technique and posture, you will stand out among others and shine under the limelight. This transformational course includes hair styling, makeup, fashion, color, design, personal style, accessories & beauty code, supporting you to create an elegant & extraordinary image that wields enormous influence!

Course Content

  • Discover your peculiar beauty code
  • Dress up to your own golden ratio
  • Overall mix & match & style
  • Accessories matching
  • Personalized hair styling
  • Professional images for various occupations
  • Building your personal brand
  • Fashion art & taste
  • Mastering business etiquette
  • Understanding social etiquette
  •  Western dining table manners
  • Posture & grooming


  • Choose what suits me and make me shineIn fact, from clothes and accessories to make-up, hair style and business etiquette, each unit are interlocking and indispensable. I also learn about my body type & thus able to choose attire and hair styles that suit me, rather than make spontaneous shopping. Seeing own shortcoming helps to modify one deficiency; while wearing one’s unique style reveals own personal charisma and thus improve interpersonal relationship.Jeslynn Wong, CEO of EM Exhibitions (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Display charm and bloom attractivenessAfter modification & transforming from fashion and makeup to facial and body proportions, it is indeed possible to strengthen and tune a person’s true image. Every have their own charm. The most crucial part is how to highlight the beauty and enhance it. This workshop was enlightening & refreshed!Key Ng, Managing Director & Fashion Designer of Key Ng
  • Make a stand to your personal imageThe power of image is one of the important matters in life. It is beneficial to use it to create a unique image and branding. This workshop professionally combines the general body shapes and detail grooming skills. When one understands what suits us the best, then we could easily find our strength and stand and thus equip with more attractive and charming image.Jane Chin, NTV8 artist, host, actor


  • A stunning body turn that shows uniquenessNaturally one would become more attractive after acquiring the proper way of mix & match. And thus an improved interpersonal relationship would be improved. Happiness is when people around you notice your stunning changes.Dreams Hooh, CEO of Dreams Founder Production Sdn Bhd

2 tops consultants from the industry jointly share their knowledge & support your transformation

Asia’s leading style & aesthetic expert Ken Chiu

The first Asian image consultant to be awarded as International hairstylist, makeup & styling

Image consultant for celebrities: Annie Yi, Chiling Lin, Janel Tsai, Annie Chen, Tiffany Ann Hsu & others


Aesthetic & style I sales for leaders / managers

Professional image at work

Elegant image

Personal image planning

Image consultant trainer

Bridal affairs trainer

Styling designer trainer

Chain salon consultant


Asia’s business etiquette & grooming expert Judy Chen

Ambassador of Miss World Taiwan in 1992

Aesthetics Consultant of multiple chain salon in Singapore & Malaysia


Shaping your personal brand

International business etiquette

Providing excellent service

Enhancing high quality service

Non-verbal communication technique


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