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When you conduct presentations such as proposals, product introductions, sales reports, ppt slides, speech, training, and event hosting, you ought to be equipped with the ability to communicate to a group of people.

Power Boost The Appeal, Inspiration, Impact and The Influence of Your Speech

  • Effective communication is a required skill for leader. A good public speaking constitutes a powerful leader. Regardless of the type of expression or speech, it is crucial to incite people’s passion and make your influence ‘heard’!

A Leader Might Not Need To Be Extremely Eloquent

But He/She Must Be Expressive And Able To Touch People’s Heart

  • When you conduct presentations such as proposals, product introductions, sales reports, ppt slides, speech, training, and event hosting, you ought to be equipped with the ability to communicate to a group of people.


What Have High Achievers Made With Good Public Speaking Skills?

  • Dalai Lama has become Tibetan’s spiritual leader
  • Barrack Obama has won his tenure in the White House
  • Steve Job secured his computer kingdom in the world


Donald Trump, Property mogul:

“Public speaking is rather important when you are developing a brand”

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dar:

  • “You have to do whatever it takes to improve your public speaking skill because it’s the requirement to become a successful entrepreneur”

An Effective & Proven Public Speaking Training System

  • Use your voice and tone to strengthen other’s mind
  • Demonstrate your value system through your body language
  • Achieve the desired results through your words
  • Rally others with your body language, guide their thoughts with your voice!
  • Exhibit your charisma through your speech, wield your influence and win!


  • A Course That Everyone Should Attend

    Don’t be mistaken that the course is only for those who need to speak in public. It is in fact a course for everyone as it teaches effective communication techniques. The best part of it is that I get to attend screenplay writing course, acting course and voice performance course all in 1 class! It’s definitely value for money.

    Cao Shu Juan

    Associate Marketing Manager, Aesolution Biomedical

  • A Good Speech Begins With A Joyful Heart

    Unbelievable! I have first hand experienced from being impossible to possible: from unable to speak for more than 5 minutes on stage to deliver a more than 15 minutes lucid speech! The teachers have demystified the secret for us and now I realize that I can do it too. My biggest takeaway is that I can now speak from my heart, and I don’t need to memorize the speech anymore.

    Zhang Wei Xing

    General Manager, Henan Province Aibo Health Fitness Co., Ltd.

  • From Good To Great

    I used to think having delivered what I needed to say would have served the purpose of giving a speech. Now I realize that my voice, posture, gesture and other details make a huge difference too. You ought to attend the course if you want to strike a chord in your audience’s heart and incite their passion. Both teachers are simply excellent!

    Dato’ Calvin Khiu

    CEO, MK Curtain Group

  • It’s A Road Less Travelled With The Masters

    It is such a worthy course that has guided me how to manifest vitality and influential speech, eye contact, body language and gestures and voice articulation. Without guidance from masters, I don’t think I would ever learn them. Revision is a must.

    Seah Kian Hoe

    CEO, Heng Hiap Industries Sdn Bhd

  • Public Speaking Widens My Horizon

    Before attending the course, I was like a storyteller on the street entertaining people. After the course, I’ve learnt how to plot my speech and wield greater influence with my words. What I used to know about public speaking was just the tip of an iceberg but now I leave no stone unturned and take care of every aspect. I’m grateful to have learnt how to touch other’s heart with my speech. A good teacher truly helped to make my learning faster!

    Shen Zhe Min

    General Manager, Shangfu International Development Co., Ltd.

  • Charismatic Public Speaking, Utmost Sharing From Professional Speakers

    Good public speaking makes a CEO much more charismatic! I always believe that a persuasive speech is the most powerful weapon to wield influence and win people. I’ve always been good with my words but having been exposed to a systematic learning system makes my speech even more powerful. I sincerely recommend this course to every CEO!

    Dr. Fan Ying

    CEO, Awana Land Sdn Bhd


Course Content

  • Human cognitive structure, 4U public speaking material & speech flow, tactic to take control of the event
  • Overcome obstacles & fear, build up public speaking confident
  • Master the ‘3 Keys’ and the essence of non-verbal communication
  • Techniques to comprehend & capture your audience
  • Speech sequencing, lively & interactive speech session, and techniques to create conducive ambience
  • How to strike a chord with others using your voice and expression
  • Understand the nature of your voice and your peculiar style
  • Strengthen your inner quality and confidence
  • The techniques and applications of voice performance
  • How to resolve awkward moment with humour
  • How to make story telling 100% attractive
  • How to speak spontaneously and capture other’s attention immediately
  • How to give a good introduction and become a competent host


Targeted Audience

Potential speaker or host, Executive or higher management, PR, sales personnel, marketers, public speakers, whom intends to improve communication skills.


Asia Training Expert in Interpersonal Relationship Michael Chiang

  • Founder of 4U Institute of Interpersonal Relationship
  • Expert in organizational behavior

5 major expertise

  •  Building Common Vision & Creating Team Alignment
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Public Speaking
  • Career Positioning
  • Tapping Into Team’s Potential


  • Renowned Business Consultant & Trainer in Asia
  • Assisted more than 250 multinational corporations
  • More than 20 years experience in applied organizational behavior model
  • More than 22 years experience in supporting sales & interpersonal relationships
  • More than 1 million students from Taiwan, Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia
  • Conducted more than 22,000 hours large scale training seminar
  • Track record of conducting 8 hours public speaking for 22 consecutive days
  • Close to 100% student satisfaction rat


Asia’s voice training expert Eric Chou

Major expertise

The 9 prototype analysis of voice

Ambiance marketing training series

Customer bonding through voice

Interpersonal relationship and expressive communication

Verbal & voice expression

Proper utterance skills

Nonverbal communication

Empathetic / moving marketing

Performance marketing

Telephone marketing


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