World-class career competitive edge Persuasive Sales Pitch

Fortune Global 500’s Preferred Sales Closing System

War-Winning Golden Strength: Public-Exciting Selling Power


How savvy are you with the superpower of deal-closing persuasion?

How do you say the right words and effortlessly collect the money?


Combined in one lesson are

Three Supreme Marketplace Feats of the 21st Century:

Selling Power + Eloquence + Persuasiveness

and Theories of Behavioral Psychology


2-day Mastery course for

Practical Sales Techniques +

Innovative Expressions +

Surefire Sales-Closing Verbal Strategies


“Hypnotize” your clients and close the deals

with extraordinary mind persuasion

(even without brilliant words)!

  • Impressive demeanor
  • Compelling speeches
  • Striking the right chord with customers
  • Increasingly intriguing interactions


Top performers are skilled asker of questions

to which customers invariably say “YES!”

  • What and how do you ask? It’s high time to ditch your sales statements!
  • How should you form “questions” to showcase the USP of your products or service?
  • How do you answer a question with a question to trigger the customer’s pain points?


Persuasion psychology is a must-learn

if you are serious about breaking free from the rat race and into a transformed life!

  • Effectively make your sharing about the products, services and opinions a valuable talk
  • Show your true self in a sweetly enthusiastic manner
  • Break through customers’ defense barriers by mastering the art of storytelling
  • Build up a sense of identity and emotional connection with customers
  • Tactfully interact with customers to instill the brand in their minds
  • Project a striking and charismatic image by enhancing your sense of humor
  • Release sales information in stages and leave your audience talking and wanting more
  • Trigger cues of impulse purchase
  • Ask the right questions to make the sale


Target audience:

  1. Anyone who desires to speak eloquently in public and across social media platforms
  2. Anyone who wants to make the most sales in the shortest period of time
  3. Anyone who wants to confidently unveil your charisma across all platforms


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