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Penetrate 100% into human behavior & resolve conflicts!

As a boss, have you put your staff in the wrong positions?
As a staff, have you been positioned in the wrong place?

You haven’t found the career you want because you haven’t truly understood yourself?

Sales & profit are declining because you couldn’t fully comprehend your clients’ needs?

Conflicts arise constantly because you are unaware of personality clash?

You often miss the datelines because the departments are uncoordinated?

The staff turnover is high simply because you don’t have an effective hiring system?

There is a gap between you and your family, simply because there isn’t any mutual understanding?


According to HR expert:

“Hiring the wrong person is costing a company 6 to 7 times more than the employee’salary!”

“When the staffs feel happy at work, the company is able to grow its yearly profit by 100%”

Understanding yourself leads to the right path, understanding others helps to win support.

Life: When get stuck, be yourself and strive for success.

Career: Put the right people at the right place, realize the common vision together.

Social: Connect with more people, turn strangers into friends & partners.

Family: Foster mutual respect & understanding, create a happy family.

Course Content
  • Identify / Employ / Nurture / Retain Talents
  • Reading a person within 10 minutes
  • DNA of the 4 personality types – Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Identifying behavioural patterns
  • The win-win model & striking a balance
  • Negotiation strategy
  • The dynamics of shifting in favourable & unfavourable situations
  • Positive energy & will strengthening
  • Understanding yourself & fully demonstrate your abilities
  • Conflict management
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Creating an effective communication environment
  • PQ career positioning for success

Course value

Breakthrough in career & job

A more harmonious interpersonal relationship

Fine tune personal charisma

Improve relationship with your spouse

Harmonious parenting

Creating happy relationship



Proven knowledge that helps to refine character

I’ve adjusted my thoughts and shaped my company into an intelligent corporation with more human touch. On top of that, I have also demonstrated my trust in my staff and created unity. Of course, these are not done within a day and there is no guarantee of success. However, when my team is connected and adjusted itself, the knowledge I’ve learnt from the course has proven to help my company to transform and we’ve ascended to greater height.

-Dato Calvin Khiu

Founder & Group CEO, MK Curtain Group

Learning to connect with others

I have attended different types of motivational courses but I have also lost interest over time, since they offered a similar content. The current course has proven to be very practical. It has supported my wife and I to change our way of communication with our children and connect with them. We understand our son better and we now know what our daughter truly wants in life. After the course was being introduced to our company, the communication between our staff has also improved. It’s been easier for them to reach a common ground and I notice that overall efficiency has also been improved. We are truly touched.

-Dato Sri Lai Kock Poh

Managing Director, Evergreen Group of Companies

Wish I had done this 10 years earlier

I have attended many courses in the last 10 years. But after I attended 4U’s courses, I wish I had known it much earlier. Behavioural model has given me the breakthrough in my thoughts. I also get to focus my energy on self-corrections and make myself a better person. I believe that my team and my family will be happier and more successful.

-Lin, Ming-Chih

Deputy General Manager, Mentor

Shifting to positive side & win

If knowing a horse helps to win a race, then understanding a person will help you to win in life. The course has inspired me to change and look at things in a positive way. When I shift my mind to the positive side, the circumstances will also turn out favourable to me. It’s simply amazing.

-Huang, I-Ching

Brand Department Assistant Manager, Wowprime

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