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Have you encountered these challenges along your journey of success?

  • Difficult decision-making moments – unable to see through the problems?
  • Internal organization conflicts – lack of team effort to have a breakthrough sales result?
  • Internal communication breakdown – low efficiency and diminished passion among team members?
  • Much time spent searching for talents – but fail to recruit the right ones?
  • Though been treating subordinates well – still fail to win their loyalty?
  • Spending much time resolving internal conflicts – employees don’t get to perform at full capacity?

Is Your Company Lack Of Talents?

Or Is It Lack Of The Leadership To Lead Talents?

Jack Welch, ex CEO of General Electric, “Let’s not talk about staff bonding if a company fails to enhance every staff’s value.”

3 Days Workshop That Will Allow You To Turn Things Around

Improve Your Leadership Skill And Rise To Greater Heights

Untrained employees are the highest cost of a corporation

Leaders who keep learning are the greatest assets of a company

Course Content

  • Create Team Cohesion
  • 4U Formula to Establish Corporate Mission
  • Corporate Branding & Strategy
  • Top Leaders’ 4 Behaviour Traits & Their Evolutions
  • Comprehend Leaders’ Success & Failure Factors
  • How to Effectively Motivate Oneself & Others
  • Leading by Effective Questioning
  • Recruit the Right People for the Right Positions
  • How to Delegate & Supervise
  • The 7 Golden Rules of Successful Leadership
  • Managing by Reading People’s Minds


My Management Team Is Able To Govern Itself Without Me Around

Due to my oversea business, I have very little time with my team; which means, there were times I only met them for few hours within a month. However, our hearts are well connected and work towards a common goal. Despite me not being around, our outstanding team members are able to carry out their responsibilities, take on whatever challenges that come along the way and complete their missions. As Master Michael Chiang’s saying, “People who spend a lot of time together don’t necessary make a team. But when the hearts are connected, that is called a team.”

-Datin Samantha Tee

COO, Wealth Mastery Academy

4U Workshops Never Cease To Impress Me

The questioning technique helps me to understand people better. Besides, I’ve learnt how to win people’s heart and attract talents to work as a team. I finally found a systematic way to lead my team. It has broaden my horizon and brought my leadership skill to another level. I think everyone will benefit from the workshop as the philosophy applies to the work place, in the family, and daily life.

-Cai Shao Qun

Assistant General Manager, Mercuries Furniture Co. Ltd.

Leadership Charisma Is Not Inborn

From the workshop, I learned how to source the right candidate, assign job accordingly, and delegate authority. I have also learned the difference between a leader and a manager and thus have better understanding on behavior science. In addition, I realized that leadership charisma is not an inborn and can be learned. It is a road less travelled by applying Master Michael Chiang’s teaching. It really saves time and money.

-Zhang Lin


A Workshop For Everyone

I’ve learnt to trust and empathize with my colleagues and that helps to resolve many issues at work. When apply the philosophy in the family, it has improved my relationships with my husband and children. The workshop not only benefits the senior managers, but also the middle management. As such, the team will grow into a stronger team. To me, of two categories of nutrients we need, one is from the food and the other one is from Master Michel Chaing’s workshops.

-Luo Yun Tong

Vice President, Moret Asia


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