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Do you know that we live with 95% of our subconscious minds and yet not realizing the impact behind this 95% of act? What is more surprising is that 5% of our conscious afford have been ignored by the 95% of the main task we have executed.

Is this the reflection of your life?

  • Unwanted repetitive life episodes?
  • Recurring of similar events?
  • Attracting unwanted relationships?
  • Repeating vicious loops of contradictions?

Even when learning improves, potential stimulated, concept changes, put in actions,

Life is seemed under spelled and constantly replays others’ life fragments?

What have constrained us that we lost the ability to create and take control?

New age holistic medical approach to physical & mental wellness

Flower Essence Energy Therapy + Deeper Level Soul Discovery


Flower essences are the gifts from nature that helps to purify the toxins and negative emotions in our body. Besides, they also heal the pains that have been keeping us emotionally imprisoned and activate our bodies’ self-healing ability.

Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom Embrace Happiness & Abundance

Tap into the infinite power of our universe, get connected to the law of energy vibration, create unlimited opportunities from inside out!

Revive Your Self-Healing Ability Harness The Wellbeing of Your Body, Mind & Soul

Physical ailment is the manifestation of your soul’s suffering. Erosion of the soul leads to self-blaming, self-criticism and guilt, sending instruction to your immune system to attack yourself! Master the practice derived from nature, transform your body, heal yourself from the core and create a magnificent life!

Spiritual Birthmarks – The Stumbling Blocks to The Lives We Have Always Wanted

  • They are the messages and automatic reactions hidden in the subconscious minds
  • They are elusive but easily activated
  • They bypass the conscious minds, take control of our bodies and react involuntarily
  • They cannot be purified through ordinary healing session
  • They have to be guided by a blueprint
  • They purified through inner transformation and unravel the real relationship between people and events to reclaim clarity and gain control of self through shifting. And truly enjoy Happiness • Freedom • Health • Wealth • Power • Beauty • Abundance

Flower is the perfect bloom of the plant. To continue its life form, flower contains the plant’s highest life energy!

Course content

  • Understand the impact of trauma on body, mind & life
  • Recognize the true & complete self
  • See the imprint of memory from the soul’s blueprint
  • Explore the 7 dimensions of body & mind
  • Reconstruct & bond with a complete family of origin
  • Transform tips & experiences of healing



  • Love with ease, from the heart

    Love my surrounding people with my heart. This is the most truthful entry point, as well as at ease with life. After re-adjusting the pace, I notice I have made a new opening to my life. I strongly believe those around me could feel my changes and accept my sincere love and therefore would love me more than ever.

    Datin Ng Su Moi, Director of Kian Projects (M) Sdn Bhd


  • Farewell to yesterday’s me, I love me

    Although it was just a two-day course, it had release a long-term emotion within. What amazed me was my past experiences have affected my body, mind and soul. I promised myself that I will give more compassionate, love, and companion to myself from now on.

    Datin Kuan, Founder of A Plus Boss


  • Be grateful to the past, To transform into an abundance me

    It turns out that our ‘past’ has always been imprinted in our subconscious mind as an eternal memory. Only when we learned to accept those experiences then only will they transform us to a brand new person. I am grateful for my past for without them, I wouldn’t be as open-mindedness, freedom, and prosperous as I am today. Thank you teacher Tina in guiding me to accept myself, for I am me!

    Kelvin Liew, CEO of Go Travels Services Sdn Bhd


  • Face honesty and make a living

    Life is a mixture of experiences. The most difficult part is to let go. I was surprised that the workshop actually opened up my mind. After truthfully face my emotions, I realized that every life experiences must have its worthy cause. I am now with ambiguous and positive expectations towards the future. At the same time, I have prepared myself for a happier and smoother life ahead.

    Dato’ Sri Dr Samantha Fong, CEO of Alpha Zealos Biotech SdnBhd, Axel Global Link Sdn Bhd


Asia’s Top-Notch Spiritual Guru Tina Li

  • Director for China Color Flower Essences Energy Research Associates

Personal Skill

  • Transforming life force, holistic healing, breakthrough life pattern

Work Experience

  • Providence University, Department of Applied Chemistry, Lecturer
  • Ching Kuo Institute of Management & Health, Lecturer

Educational Background

  • Providence University, Department of Foreign Language, Bachelor
  • The World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners,
  • Practitioner of Natural Medicine
  • Bert Hellinger’s Family & Systematic Constellation Training
  • John Upledger Institute International, USA
  • Holistic Therapy Trainer

Let’s venture the inner journey together

  • Comprehend Life Origins
  • Clarified the misery of life
  • Manage mind-conscious behavior
  • Activate inner love & energy
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