Exquisite reflection teaching, perception of life philosophy
Attending class is a big challenge for me. But study together with 4U family in the class always giving me guidance and explanation from the side, very grateful to them. Master Michael’s funny, humorous, easy to understand, live down-to-earth with the staff, family and other issues as the center of the teaching method, that makes me concentrate ; Infiltrate the game, play out the team spirit, play out the learning intelligence, I am really very entertaining and impressed. Only self-experience, can be absorb reflection education that brought out by the lessons brought, I feel it is really useful. I have always been a dare to try people; because 4U, I affirmed this mission. Thank you 4U!

Mow Sin Keong
Mega-1 Engineering SdnBhd, Managing Director

Face up to the shortcomings, Inclusiveness, take life easy
This is the course that most shocking, most touched my heart in my life ever since. I am a typical person who will only speak, but will not completely get rid of the shortcomings. The result is the people around me only hearing and not put into the heart. And it became a huge gap in the communication. 4U learning like peeling onions, layer upon layer to open my blind spots; and Master Michael really speaks into my heart. From today onwards, I must be get rid of my shortcomings, highlight my strengths, please support me! Thank you 4U!

Lee Hooi Jing
LTS Group, Chief Executive Officer

The Meaning and Thinking of Life
This is the best course I’ve ever had on! Thank you my friend for recommending me to attend this course. 4U course is like a camcorder, let me look back on the past life journey, re-explore their role in the script, while enhancing the self-life and the surrounding world consciousness. And some of these magnified shots derive introspection for self-making more powerful positive energy. 4U to human nature and life as a starting point which is feasible to everyone. I will use 4U’s wisdom to devote every day every second, cherish every person around me, with the action to practice the promise in heart!

Eddie Ang
One World Property SdnBhd, Chief Operating Officer

Simple understanding, practical application
I have been on numerous courses, and at the same time completed the NLP Master Practitioner certificate courses, but I still strongly recommend Master Michael’s 4U course! In addition to the effectiveness of the Master’s course, the most important thing is to be able to interact with the mystery of people that is very easy to understand and use the way to teach out. I am assured with the 4U extraordinary skill. Its wisdom and skill are very positive for my family, work, friends and my interaction in society. Here, thanks for all the people I met and supported me.

Lim Chin Chong
Exist Marketing SdnBhd, Director

Moral character is more important than skills,It is a kind of enjoyment!
Thank you, Master MIchael “sent me” a “seeing ourselves X-ray machine.” Let me see a lot of my own remarkable points. This is a greater “GAIN” than profitable business, knowledge, and social awareness. Master Michael is not exactly the same as any other teacher. His true heart, patience really touched my heart. Long live 4U, long live Master Michael!

Jeffrey Lim
KTS Cellular SdnBhd, Director

Complement each other to fill the gap
Live so many years, doing business for so many years, although there are some achievements, but through 4U, I find what I am missing, I lost, I was alert to find the team’s strength is so important, it is because I have never been willing to understand people. I am also convinced that if at an earlier time to be able to resuscitate, I absolutely go farther and happier. But learning is not sooner or later, the beginning of the most important!

Dennis Yew
Afcar Auto (M) SdnBhd, Managing Director

Improve the quality of my mind!
I knew I could not be Oscar, but on the 4U, I knew I would be a little Schindler! I will promote my love staff, and my ultimate goal of the enterprise is to get me in this world gradually feedback to the community. Thank you 4U, let me see the “learn to let go, is to have!”

MahKok Leong
Golden Beam SdnBhd, Director

4U is beyond the current wisdom!
Can be so “complex” human nature, simple and interesting analysis and its interpretation was so vivid, simple and prominent is already uneasy, Master Michael more “powerful” is letting so many “stubborn” big boss DECIDE TO CHANGE! Thank you Master Michael bringing me the reverse thinking. I think the best return is continuous re-training, so that master and family members to see our progress and change.

LINs AD, Managing Director

Objective insight into the world, the heart of the maze
4U course for my key assistance is to accurately hire the right people, and some of these people must have the same wishes and consensus with the company’s vision. I am very clear that people who do not have a common goal and will not be able to develop together with the company, let’s don’t talk about taking the company to another peak! 4U let me understand the human nature through the characteristics of traits, so I understand each person’s inner key, having more objective view of things. Because of the more sensitive to the people, I have a more humane business concept and the concept of competition.

Tom Ling Chian Siang
Boulevard IT Superstore SdnBhd, Managing Director

4U is the wisdom key to unlock the happy life!
A few years ago there is a chance, I had the honor to connect with 4U, and 4U wisdom have been unlock my life to the wonderful and excellent; Rapid improvement of personal quality and the family’s joy let me feel happiness, the company team is also growing. Everyone is looking forward the luck to knock on the door, for me, knowing how to grasp the success of the opportunity is really lucky! Master the wisdom of 4U like lucky coming to me, helping me create a real happiness in life! I fell grateful all the way to the guidance and support of Michael teacher.

Sunny Koay
SUNWEU SdnBhd (SUN-U), Managing Director

Is the consciousness of wisdom, is the beginning of the fate of the decision
Before I knew 4U, I asked myself who was I at almost every day. I asked myself in all aspects of hard work, but why in the emotional, career and parent-child relationship is still loaded on the load sink? Thank you 4U, Thank you Master Michael wake me up. Let me see through the blind spot, to find a successful mentality and decision elements! 4U is the most valuable lesson of my life, far beyond the doctoral degree to bring me the meaning. Practicing 4U, I am the brand new Khoo Seok Wah, I am convinced that the future achievements, relationship and family relations will be more harmonious, more excellent! Let us encourage each other on the learning journey, may God bless you.

Dr. KhooSeokWah
Venessa Diamonds, Chief Executive Officer

Because of 4U, live more extreme
Knowing Master Michael is about two years ago by reading His Book, SOP +, after reading I shame to tears. And after meeting 4U, I have not treating employees as employees, but as partners to treat! I am surprised I am following the courses from beginning to end, Michael teacher’s skill really deserved reputation. In addition to leaving the unforgettable memories of the course, the most important thing is to breakthrough myself! I fell grateful to Master Michael’s intentions and teachings.

Vincent Peh Chee Hoe
炫昇餐飲集團, Founder

Confident positioning, Walking with confidence
4U let me see the seriousness of the courses, rich and solid content, and excellent trainer, ultra-effective of the team. 4U helps me to understand the stages of me, before making any decision to set a good self-confidence. This is a gain much courses, I believe in the future I am more able to drive my own life script. I enjoy everything you have provided. 4U for me, for my friends, for my family, for my biz partners.

Infindo Technology SdnBhd, Chief Executive Officer

Different Characteristics, Build Excellent Team
4U of the quartet, let me once again recognize myself, and also a clear direction to improve. The biggest gain of this learning is that I have no more conflict with the past, and I have different personality attributes that feel helpless and angry. Thank you 4U for helping me to find the freedom of the mind. As long as I know how to unite the different attributes of the people, I will have one of the most powerful and most lasting team. Thank you 4U to help me thinking from this point. Because I know 4U, my team should attend 4U courses for each other to achieve the most perfect link. Sincere blessing 4U can continue to do so, and I will do the best ability to promote 4U publicly!

Ngei Chee Chau
FeruniCeramicheSdnBhd, Chief Executive Officer

From awareness to connection, more generous life
Having the honor to connect with 4U, is my best gift to myself! 4U is very sincere, very real course to everyone, minutes and seconds in the “life” of the necessary cultivation, necessary mind, necessary wisdom, necessary strategy, the necessary posture! From awareness to connection, let me more “know” the position of the partners and their ideas, so that creating the string of strong connection. I also because of “know” more, produced a strong will to action. Thank you 4U takes me into thinking to consciousness.

Dato Khor Siang Gin
Hunza Properties Bhd, Director

Metamorphosis, happiness and rebirth
People who lost the direction need someone to point out the maze, and also need the method for breakthrough. 4U CEO is not only to help students see themselves and others of the treasured book, even also to guide everyone to break the wind and waves, the difficulties and change own self weapon. Master Michael in layman’s explanation and sharply analysis is very impressive. In the unconscious, touched the heartstrings, change is also inadvertently in progress. This is a magical learning journey!

Wang Chung Pin
Astro Program host and producer

A course that fulfill the life
4U is a systematic and humane courses. It is easy to integrate into the company’s culture, and also successfully strung the staff of the centripetal force, continue to challenge the limits. 4U most touched me is its endless cohesion. From graduation so far I am still with the 4U family to maintain close communication and connection. This is what I have never had the happiness, 4U gave me the most valuable gift of life!

Aaron Yap
Hair Atelier, Chief Executive Officer

Practical interpersonal relationship skill, business climbed to the peak
4U is great and super practical course! Master Michael’s in-depth simple speech, broke a lot of people blind spot in the interpersonal relationship and self-positioning ability. Today’s enterprises have a lasting competitive advantage, Despite to enterprise technology, patents and Know How, the most important thing is talent. Because of knowing 4U, the staff condensed centripetal force greatly improved, invisible to reduce the cost of many personnel, and also create Ming Yu Group as a whole more profitable in Asia within these two years! Practical learning helps your life; do not waste time, and take the costly way, Let 4U help you drive your perfect life journey!

Johnson Lu
Min Aik Precision Industrial Co., Ltd, General Manager

It is the skill worth to spend whole life to Learn
On countless classes, and also with countless friends to learn together, but always wonder why not every person on the courses have changed? Therefore I have been disappointed in education and training. After connected with 4U, really understand what is meant by individual teaching. 4U Institute is even more practical than religion, it is the ability worthy to spend whole life to learn it! It is a clear way to breakthrough in business, the family more harmonious, more successful in interpersonal, more smoothly in relationship! Urge Everyone invest in time, know yourself understand others, try the power of 4U!

Eddy Chuang
, Chief Executive Officer

Learn the way to expand the pattern
the interpersonal secrets that the winner must have! Success on the road is to first know how to behave, and doing things after. 4U’s simple rules of life have let me gain a lot, the connection with colleagues is even better. 4U practices my life better blueprint. Journey of CEO’s life must have 4U attached together, let you know in each person’s price and value in order find a balance, do not make unnecessary sacrifice. Learn to use the right method, to create unlimited possibilities!

Dato’Dr.Tony Looi
Ban Lee Hin Engineering&Construction, Group CEO

Because of understanding, Outbreak of potential, because the brave, become extraordinary
4U course let me know more about myself, bravely face the future. This is an important key, because they do not understand themselves, so do not know where their potential, not to make decisions, leading to the last extraordinary life. It is also easier for partners in the organization to have 4U courses because they understand each other and share common ideas and reaching consensus. Another attraction about 4U course is the use of simple, easy and effective interaction, letting students understand their important philosophy. Without hesitation, the 4U course will make you happier and richer.

MMTS LIFE, Chairman

The courage to face, unlimited development of life
4U like a mirror in the bedroom, I can honestly face myself, jump off the wrong vicious circle. When I see other CEOs willing to put aside the mask, getting into games to challenge the limit, this strong trust open the door to friendship for everyone. Uninterrupted sincere communication to create uninterrupted learning opportunities, I feel grateful 4U brought about by the change. When the 4U philosophy into life, people and things around because of my adjustment and become better, I feel very pleased and warm. Hope 4U can quickly become a kind of atmosphere, so that everyone has a heart of heating.

Key Ng
KN KEY NG, Managing Director and Director of Fashion Design

To explore the secrets of human nature, the world talent to do with my use
Many bosses always say: talent is hard to find! But people who attended 4U course, can learn to deduct a grid to use talent, and also found that the talent can be fit the world! In life, I learn to appreciate the different character of the people, and also know how to use my own advantages, in interpersonal exchanges to maximize the benefits. Spend a little money on class, explore the secrets of human nature, easy to deal with personnel issues. Dear bosses, this “good shot”, you need to think for a long time? Hurry up to sign up!

Maggie Fong
Flyerking, Founder

Knowledgeable, The culmination of the peak
4U literacy philosophy to help me to do their best to achieve the highest level of leadership users. There are only incompetent leaders in the world, no incompetent subordinates. If the leader does master the 4U employment principle, encounter different things, will know how to use the different people to maximize the effectiveness. Circle decided to energy, energy to determine the platform, the platform decided to achieve success; 4U is a platform to bring together the global Chinese elite, let me know people, connecting the culmination of connections!

Pierre Toh

Know ourselves and set up a full-win board
4U give me the new thinking of doing things, nourish my mind, let me integrate the idea of a happy life! 4U DISC personality analysis, let me successfully explore the greatest potential of each person. Because knowing the secret, let me accomplished what I want! Like the success of Sun Tzu’s tactics: know ourselves, know yourself. The biggest victory is still all win. Although I am a senior manager of industrial investment, but for decades without interruption, different areas of learning, 4U is still my best inspired from beginning to end!

Renesial Leong
Real estate investment & Best books selling writers

Doing great in interpersonal relationship is the winner
I have spent a lot of money and time to upgrade myself. Only 4U interpersonal learning courses can let me use precisely in my life and business. 4U make me know more about myself and others. Insight into human nature to break the barriers of interpersonal communication. 4U let me to find the talent and do things in the corporate, business management even better. 4U doubled my popularity and wealth, my life is full of wisdom more perfect and wonderful. I recommend you 4U is a compulsory course of life!

Sherene Chew
Group CEO, QSC

Peace of mind, Life is more abundant
After 4U, instead of let me accurately grasp more leadership skill, and also help me to have effective interaction with people. I figured out a lot of things and more open-minded. With 4U knowledge, it helps me to reduce a lot of personnel mistakes and friction. I am most beneficial on the growth and practical of the soul, character conservation and other continuous upgrading. CEO who have time to attend course, should be know 4U as early as possible.

KC Tan
Managing Director, Signature Kitchen

Open up a new perspective, creating infinite energy
Very happy and grateful to have domestic and foreign heavyweight entrepreneurs into a family of 4U, learn and grow together. 4U let me know that the hard core of the leadership, have a new interpretation and understanding of human nature; and learn from another point of view, to measure and solve complex people and things. This 4 days the most valuable lesson in my life! Great!

Dato’ Dr. Douglas KK Chai
Group Chief Executive Officer, KK Group

Small success by doing things, Great success depends on being a man
There is a saying, small success by doing things, Great success depends on being a man. Yi Jing says days, geography, and people! Time and weather is hard to measure, only people that can be easy for us to master! In 4U really can let us using a simple and effective system to understand and master the complex people and relationships, and thus can make a leader to achieve a full range of success, regardless of career, family, social, all without compromise! I strongly recommend APLUS BOSS members to participate, with the growth of success!

Dato Joe Yew
CEO, A Plus Financial Group Founder

Clear positioning, know how to complement, puzzle out of the perfect graphics
After 4U, as if to take a key to open the atrium, so that they are more willing to explore their own and others in the inner world, and also do not want to ignore their own energy and influence, do their best to benefit the community. after 4U, my family and business partners from each other know how to complement and increase the greater sparks. Thank you 4U for the energy and magnetic field, Hope everyone are full of happiness.

Wan Yat Hon
Chief Executive Officer, GAMA Closed Circuit TV

Accurate grasp of the people, connection of beautiful effect
Participated in a 4U study, insight into my own weaknesses and also see the blind spots of others, after the Master Michael teaching, we have the highlights of wealth to take! I’m engaged in the early childhood education, to become the elite leadership, must know how to observe and know people, employment secret, grasp of the people in order to win the hearts of the world positively and correctly. By knowing 4U, let me use the skill lively, such as the fish getting the water, explore around the sea, expanding network, all this good effect, let me get rid of the challenges. All these good benefits helped me to brew bigger power. I love 4u!

Adrian Swea
Founder and Chairman of the group, Melody Group

Recognize yourself and achieve happiness and wisdom
Thank you 4U let me have the opportunity to re-understand myself, and once again learning from myself. After battling in business world for so many years, it has been see anything from the inertia point of view naturally, resulting in a lot of things turn a blind eye. In my thoughts any area, any age, experienced old people, or a very mature CEOs, you will still find surprises in 4U. I think 4U is a education level higher than a high degree, more practical, more meaningful; because 4U is the basic skills of life, the more stable the basic, the strength will to continue to grow. After more clearly understood, my life has more joy!

Rich Tan
Chief Executive Officer, Papparich