4U’s Trilogy of Learning

Explore three different levels of core values to help trainees to learn and achieve success in life

4U Institute of Interpersonal Relation is Asia’s leading talent training institute for growing enterprise’s and individuals’ values. We are comprehensive and professional, providing authoritative multi-disciplinary teaching faculty and education training system to aspiring enterprises. We give you wholesome, well-rounded knowledge and wisdom that helps you to achieve, enrich and enhance intelligence, life values, quality network and financial liberty. If you interested in learning how to heal yourself and regain the balance in your life, 4U tackles your core values from three different levels and helps trainees to achieve maturity and breakthrough from existing paradigm of thought.

First Level Core Value Training – For You:

Training to Focus on Self in Life

4U is specifically designed to train trainees to learn how to focus on self’s wellbeing. We guide trainees to reposition self as the main focus in life and truly understand their own strengths and weaknesses. From there, they learn how to adjust and improve themselves, seeking balance in own heart and mind. It is after making fair deduction and analysis of own life that we are able to make life worth living and edge closer in achieving success.

Second Level Core Value Training – Four You :

Learning how to live and interact with the four “You” in self

We throughout our life constantly interact with four “You”.

Examine and Reflect the “Past You”

Embrace all the experience in our journey of life and turn knowledge into wisdom. Remember the successes, correct the failures and wholly accept everything that completes self, taking the “Past You” as your own mentor.

Training continuously the “Current You”

Gather all your strengths, learn to define and discover self and grow and improve “Current You”.

Advancing towards the “Targeted You”

Maintain positive outlook and constant efforts, chart your life’s journey and make the endeavor to transform, to grow and to achieve your targets and goals.

Ponder the “Realized You”

Ponder the meaning and conviction you have in life in order to immortalize various memorable values and thoughts you had in your life journey.

Third Level Core Value Training – 4U:

A Series of Thinking made with Four Words Starting with the letter U

4U encapsulates business philosophies based on four words: guiding “Unique” individual entities to have “Universal Understanding” of the competitive surrounding, enhance own and team members’ individual and collective strengths thus achieving perfect “Union” that will ignite the team’s performance. This is the interpersonal relationship wisdom that realizes the adage of “identifying the right talent, saying the right things, doing the right tasks, achieve consensus and do everything right”





In a nutshell, 4U ways of Learning are: firstly, starting from the discovery and recognition of individual’s unique personality traits and from gradual understanding of different personality traits, we train how to identify abilities of different personality traits; secondly, we guide trainees to practice and apply 4U in variety of situations and learn how to make the shift and enhance strengths of own personality traits; thirdly which is also the most crucial part, through interaction with the surrounding and other people, sharpen own experience of 4U on various level and integrate 4U way of thinking in to own psyche and drive for success.


Pursuing the 4U Values

Enhance Trainees’ Sensibility, Judgment, Supportiveness and Charisma

We at 4U Institute of Interpersonal Relationship believe that education is a positive, transformative endeavor. This is an endeavor that didn’t just transform individuals to higher plane leading to upward social mobility; 4U education is also the best tool to strengthen the growth and development of each form of relationships. 4U poured tireless effort in nurturing the “power of heart” in order to enhance trainees’ sensibility, judgment, supportiveness and charisma. It is only through strengthening self-awareness and understanding that we can catalyze our external quality. Such in-depth education method enables continuous growth and development of individual thoughts and attitudes.