4U’s Mission

Helping Everyone to Enrich Their Life

We firmly believe that in order to enrich our life, we must have profound and objective understanding on ourselves and others and through greater understanding, we liberate our body, mind and soul; achieve balanced, wholesome and harmonious relationship and coexistence through “loving everyone in our life the right way.” A harmonious interpersonal relationship will help our trainees in building multitude of meaningful, productive relationships as well as identifying partners that can truly enhance our life; we at 4U redefine self-discovery.
Having an objective and precise understanding in life planning helps you in enhancing the mutual attraction in interpersonal relationship and accentuates your personal charisma in career. Using planning and step by step approaches, you too can enrich your life filling it with hope and happiness.

4U’s Vision

Spreading the Wisdom of 4U across the Globe

In the past, businesses prioritize quantity, equating quantity with growth; today, quality matters because it is quality that truly creates value and benefit. As for the future, we should pursue “love” as it is only through “love” that we are capable of appreciate abilities of others and truly embrace the freedom, happiness and beauty of life. This is what we at 4U believe as the golden rule to sustain any enterprise for generations and more. This is what we at 4U believe to be successful way for humanistic education.
We at 4U hopes that through “4U For Love Charity Foundation” that we are able to spread 4U’s knowledge and wisdom to all sections of the greater society, serving as the catalyst for inculcating positive social values, triggering the power of love and growing our capability to tolerate and appreciate. All of these will lead to harmonious social development, healthy family development and the creation of enterprises that are caring and appreciative of all.

4U’s Business Philosophy

True Education is providing Necessary Knowledge the People needs

4U Institute of Interpersonal Relationship firmly upholds the following business philosophies as the basis in our pursuit to be the leading education institution in the world:
Pursuing excellence in building quality education
Professional service in delivering new innovation in interpersonal management for the new millennium
Identifying talents in building and integrating quality learning organization
High-quality platform in promoting interaction between entrepreneurs

4U firmly believes that true education is providing necessary knowledge the people need, practical knowledge that can be utilized in daily life: how should we that have our own personality traits deal with others that too have their own personality traits in different situations? In playing different roles in our life such as in career and family, how do we highlight our own strengths while avoiding our weaknesses? While working in a team or managing a company, how do we incorporate the different strengths of each teammate to tackle tasks of varying nature in order to achieve our common goal? During research, planning and brainstorming, how do we take into consideration different perspectives of people each with their own personality traits?
Currently, 4U Institute of Interpersonal Relationship provides “4U Personality Traits Assessment System”, the most professional, comprehensive and objective talent selection and evaluation tool. 4U’s targeted, systematic and effective teaching methods enable trainees to rediscover themselves one step at a time, reestablish their own personal role in life, achieve realization of human interaction progressively, identifying the source of existing conflict and tackling the problems they are currently facing.