4U Trophy

4U Trophy

An exquisite 24K gold plated trophy; a trophy that exudes extravagant elegance, the physical embodiment of your status and success. The trophy’s perfect proportion and curvature is a reflection of strength and beauty, an apt representation of your individual determination and vision. The awe-inspiring flaming torch carving symbolizes the people’s first philosophy and wisdom which you and 4U uphold in both heart and mind. The rising spiral symbolizes the various challenges one might encounter in life and its rising form emphasizes your wisdom and perseverance in overcoming the obstacles.

In this night of recognition, it’s time for you to raise the trophy and bask in the moment of glory! On the night, you will be holding a 38 cm tall and 11 cm deep trophy symbolizing the positive energy that will enrich and invigorate you. This accolade represents your great influence that enables you to help 4U further inculcate the power of love. For the past 12 years of 4U, we would like to thank you for being with us!

4U Role Model Award

A token of appreciation to the award winners for promoting the values of 4U and helping 4U in building its reputation and trust with people in 4U and members of public; a token of appreciation for winner in spreading the values and wisdoms of 4U. The winner upholds the value of 4U at heart and mind, establishing their position in life based on 4U’s principles and become the role model and example in the implementation of 4U’s school of thought.

4U Elite Award

A recognition to the award winner for embodying the principle of “successful enterprise relies on its people”, building organization that encourages learning, integrating hard and soft power in bringing together the growth of enterprise and its people thus becoming an elite in the world of business.