4U For LOVE Charity Foundation

Helping others to achieve personal growth by discover “the right way to love” through free education

4U Institute of Interpersonal Relaitonship and its founder Michael Jiang has a dream: spreading the wisdom of 4U to all levels of the greater society through a charitable trust which will encourage positivity in greater society, invigorate the power of love, promote sustainable growth of the society, create happy, harmonious and wholesome family institution as well as inculcate the spirit of appreciation and giving. Through the spread of 4U education, we can extend 4U’s school of thought and inspire the beneficiaries to enrich their life and be more loving leading to a balanced life development of both mind and heart; allowing all to utilize self-discovery to achieve objective and precise understanding in life planning thus able to enrich one’s life using planning and step by step approaches and filling it with hope and happiness. “4U For LOVE Charity Foundation” aims to help others achieve personal growth through free education. We teach others to understand human nature and discover “the right way to love” thus leading to positive mentality and achieving breakthrough in mentality.

Our Public Projects

“4U For LOVE Charity Foundation” provides free training for the following categories of people:

1. Primary and Secondary School Teachers and Headmasters/Principals:

The training allows educators to venture beyond own pedagogical expertise and appreciate differences among their students. We guide trainees to master own personality development, guide, inspire and discover their own potentials, inculcate harmonious coexistence and provide a complementary humanistic education philosophy, all of these will in turn help their students to achieve balanced growth in moral, intellectual, physical, collective, aesthetical and spiritual values. We train motivated teachers to emulate 4U values and passing down the wisdom of 4U to the next generation.

2. Disadvantaged women and children:

Through 4U education method, we sooth their spiritual wellbeing and help them to rebuild their confidence and achieve a new lease of life. Through 4U courses, we help them identify the nature of relationship, achieve clarity in understanding for failure of marriage and remove all doubts towards forming relationship thus leading to a fulfilling, sustainable, happy relationship as well as reducing the divorce rate in the society.

3. Youth/Student in Poverty:

Providing them free education opportunity by not using academic performance as qualification for aid. We teach youth aged 12-18 to discover self and understand others in order to redefine their own position in life thus helping youth to achieve positive growth and reduce the occurrence of juvenile crime.

Besides transmitting wisdom, “4U For LOVE Charity Foundation” also accepts aid applications from other charitable organizations or other form of welfare organizations, group or individuals.
“4U For LOVE Charity Foundation” appointed ROCKWILLS TRUSTEE BHD of Malaysia as the independent manager for the charitable trust and together with the Board of Trustees, audits the purpose of trust fund and the transparency of the source of fund and related expenditures.
Date of Establishment: 25 January 2015
Independent manager: ROCKWILLS TRUSTEE BHD(708932-T)

Organizer: Nelson Chew 周漢運
Honorary Advisor: Dato’ Seri KhorTeng Tong 拿督斯里許廷忠 (Hunza Properties Berhad)

Committee members:

  1. Sherene 周籽伶 4U Institute of Interpersonal Relationship
  2. Mui Yee 许媄雁 4U Institute of Interpersonal Relationship
  3. Dato’ Joe Yew 拿督饒新羽 A Plus Boss
  4. Datin’ Kuan Chu Ling 拿汀關竹林 A Plus Boss
  5. Dato’ Terry Ong 拿督王寧炎 Wealth Mastery Academy
  6. Datin’ Samantha Tee 拿汀鄭藹襄 Wealth Mastery Academy
  7. Dato’ Samantha Fong 拿督馮詩雯() Axel Global Link SdnBhd
  8. Dato’ Calvin Khiu 拿督邱䝰訸 MK Curtain Group of Companies
  9. Dato’ Kelvin Kwek 拿督郭榮福 INFINDO Technology SdnBhd
  10. Teoh Han Chuan 張漢川 Ee-Lian Enterprise SdnBhd
  11. Vincent Tan 陈南名 TWT Development SdnBhd
  12. Wan Yat Hon 尹一翰 Gamma Solution SdnBhd
  13. Sunny Koay 郭冠儀 SunweuSdnBhd
  14. Maggie Fong 范盈 Awimo Media SdnBhd

For further information about “4U For LOVE Charity Foundation”, please contact 4U Malaysia hotline at 1300 883 7777.
Email address:4umalaysia@4uinstitute.com or Fax:+604 656 2303