4U Institute of Interpersonal Relationship

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4U Institute of Interpersonal Relationship is is founded as a culmination of our founder Michael Chiang’s 20 years of experience of coaching and training various major companies across Asia. Michael Chiang focused much of his effort to solve one of the greatest challenges the society faces today – problems in “Interpersonal Relationship” and from there he developed  a series of comprehensive and authoritative 4U Interpersonal Behavioural Patterns Training and Education System.


The unique 4U school of thought is suitable of guiding talent training of all levels from business leaders and executives in senior management to team organization and individual personnels, allowing people to have clearer understanding of human nature in interpersonal interaction; a successful people-centric programme which, through understanding of behavioural science, capable of identifying the very catalyst that trigger self-motivation in others to strive for common goal and greater success.


4U, which anchored on igniting growth and strengthening enterprises, gathered leading teaching faculty from varying disciplines and fields of expertise, bringing along their knowledges and professionalism which are capable of enriching individual life and enterprises across the globe.


4U, by applying behavioral science, unravel the interpersonal relationship problems within an enterprise and strikes right at the heart of the matter. Using a “People-centric” in-depth education method, 4U focuses on building soft power that enables sustainable growth of an enterprise and build core competitiveness unrivalled by others thus enriching an enterprise at all front.

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